draft conferences

Yesterday I talked to 13 students about their drafts (one lucky student is in Japan with the women’s golf team, so we haven’t talked yet) for 20 minutes each. I hope I was making sense by the time Alberto sat down. Amazing variety in the approach to the topic which made them all interesting to read. The “final” (is any piece of writing ever final?) drafts are due tomorrow. Mine will be late. No excuses. Just a fact. I look forward to reading these essays, which students can revise when they are returned if they want.

Tomorrow we begin our second writing project in participation with the UCBerkeley’s On the Same Page project. This year we are using the book Fiat Lux, which is a facsimile edition of the book of photographs Ansel Adams took as the UC’s request in the mid 1960s (text by Nancy Newhall). I’m really interested in seeing students’ photographs and reading about their vision for UC Berkeley, especially in these difficult budgetary times. I’ve started a Flickr group for our photographs. Students have been taking and tweeting them #FiatLux but so far haven’t put any on Flickr yet (only mine are there), but I hope they’ll add some soon. I’ll add the essay topic . . . as soon as I’ve written it . . .

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