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it’s a body: it’s a female

Originally posted on Lighting Out for the Territory:
When Gerald So, editor of The 5-2 Crime Poetry Weekly, asked me to join the April 2014 blog tour celebrating National Poetry Month, I knew exactly which poem I wanted to write…

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My SXSWedu 2014 on Storify

[View the story "My SXSWedu 2014" on Storify]

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Writer’s Event: Daniel Alarcón (a CW110 assignment I’m doing with students in the class)

On Tuesday, February 11, novelist and journalist Daniel Alarcón read from his most recent novel, At Night We Walk in Circles. The event was co-sponsored by Mrs. Dalloway’s Bookstore in Berkeley and the Center for Latin American Studies at UC … Continue reading

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Off (of) the “Bleeding Edge”

I spent a fair amount of yesterday, the last day of 2013, finishing Pynchon’s latest novel. 477 pages that I picked up and put down, enjoyed and resented, renewed three times at my local library. My Pynchon belt now has … Continue reading

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professional development is personal development

For College Writing Programs’ final faculty meeting of the 2012-2013 academic year, we are to prepare a 7-minute or so presentation on our recent professional development. As I was thinking about this, I realized that I could yack for much … Continue reading

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find your story: tell it

In preparing to teach CW 110–an advanced nonfiction writing class I teach at UC Berkeley–I glanced over an old syllabus and decided I needed to change it in large part because since I last taught the class three years ago, … Continue reading

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saying “yes” when students ask “can i . . .”

I teach a variety of writing classes at UC Berkeley–two that fulfill the University’s Reading and Composition Requirement, an intermediate and an advanced writing class. The intermediate class–CW 105: Finding Your Voice with Others–is one in which students read current … Continue reading

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what is the elephant who is the elephant elephants are amazing: when the teacher is the distraction

Yesterday in class we were discussing Jo Kyung Ran’s amazing short story “Looking for the Elephant” and students were puzzled in a kind of urgent way about the elephant: who is the elephant what is the elephant is the elephant … Continue reading

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prezi on reading to write about fiction

I can’t believe how long its been since I blogged! Once the essays begin coming in, time disappears. Now it’s midterm already. But I spent a couple of hours today making a Prezi to use with my class tomorrow. I’m … Continue reading

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digital pedagogy for the digital age

Ok so I was always the student who did the assignment in some kind of wonky way. I guess I still am. I haven’t written an essay yet. But I did spend several hours making this Prezi called, yep, digital … Continue reading

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